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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Awesome "reverse cylinder" RD350 Street Tracker!

Over the years you hear folks talking about doing this mod but you rarely ever see it done. Well Bill Holden went out and did it. There is a LOT of love in this build. Really slick bike Bill!This one definately gets the "radical" post tag.
Here is my latest fab project 73 RD350 Reversed cyl Rz swingarm 16" Harley wheels CB350F tank XR seat Custom exhaust Made up in the Great White North Enjoy !! Bill Holden


Yam Manifolds said...

Intake Manifolds for Yamaha RD series

wanjiru kimani said...

Great pics. The Harley wheels look great! some Harley Exhaust should be input as well..

Unknown said...

I think you should be ashamed of your self,
Turning the cylinders around is one thing, not using that modification to your advantage and just blindly welding a peace of pipe to it as an exhaust is just foolishness at it's finest.
I'd be surprised if that engine delivers even half of its original power... And not even talking about the longterm problems...

Rob Williams said...

Geez dude, relax. Are you actually foaming at the mouth over someone else project?